Here's a selection of some features I enjoyed researching and writing. I hope you'll enjoy them, too:

In Quarantine, Kids Pick Up Parents’ Mother Tongues: For some families, the pandemic has meant a return to their native languages. (New York Times, September 2020)

Do Babies Cry in Different Languages? A pioneering German researcher decodes newborns’ cries. Here’s what they reveal. (New York Times, November 2019)

Why you should read this out loudMost adults retreat into a personal, quiet world inside their heads when they are reading, but we may be missing out on some vital benefits when we do this. (BBC Future, September 2020)

The wildlife haven in a Cold War ‘death strip’For decades they represented a no-go zone for people, but the walls and fences that divided Europe during the Cold War have left a surprising legacy. (BBC Future, August 2019)

The schoolgirls who defied the Stasi: 'Someone said, "What if we take him across the border?"' (The Guardian, May 2019)

Podcast: Smuggled over the border - the school trip, the Stasi and the East German defector (The Guardian, May 2019)
This lab explores the secret world of babies (BBC Future, March 2018)

Black holes explained, by the woman who detected Einstein's gravitational waves (World Economic Forum, June 2016)

How the Thames was brought back from the dead (BBC Earth, November 2015)

The refugees housed at Dachau: 'Where else should I live?' (The Guardian, September 2015) 

"Germany is my mother and my father." Three Syrians who've made a new life in the West (The Independent, September 2015)

The spies who loved me: 25 years after German reunification, East Germans who were children and teens in the Stasi system confront their parents' role  (The Guardian, July 2015)

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