I've written about a range of topics from infant development to income inequality for The Guardian, BBC online, the World Economic Forum, the Independent, AlJazeera America, the Daily Telegraph, the Atlantic, Reuters and others.
I originally trained as a news reporter with Reuters in London, then worked as a correspondent for Reuters in Milan, Rome, Tokyo, Paris and at the Beijing Olympics. My current interests include the science of fertility, early life and child development; languages, migration and multilingualism; and socio-economic issues such as inclusive growth.

The schoolgirls who defied the Stasi: 'Someone said, "What if we take him across the border?"' (Guardian, May 2019)

Podcast: Smuggled over the border - the school trip, the Stasi and the East German defector (Guardian, May 2019)

The power of our hidden senses (BBC, March 2019)

How your language reflects the senses you use (BBC, Feb 2019)

'It gives you hope': the fight to save the fertility of children with cancer (The Guardian, Dec 2018)

How machines can help us crack the secrets of the ancient world (BBC, Dec 2018)

What is the best age to learn a language? (BBC, Oct 2018)

Can you lose your native language? (BBC, June 2018)

Basel in the spotlight: a trip to LSD's birthplace (The Guardian, April 2018)

The crime scene investigators solving dolphin deaths (BBC, May 2018)

New research sheds light on link between inequality and populism (World Economic Forum, April 2018)

The secret world of babies (BBC, March 2018)

How you talk to your child shapes their brain (World Economic Forum, Feb 2018)

Why speaking more than one language can boost economic growth (World Economic Forum, Feb 2018)

Why Constable's striking rainbow may carry a hidden message (BBC March 2017)

How populism taps into the human desire for punishment - a psychologist explains (World Economic Forum, Jan 2017)

Can mayonnaise cure infertility? A controversial treatment has divided medical professionals (The Guardian, November 2016)

Grow your own bones to heal without a graft
(World Economic Forum, June 2016)

How the roots of living plants can power your wifi (World Economic Forum, June 2016) 

Black holes explained, by the woman who detected Einstein's gravitational waves (World Economic Forum, June 2016)

Unseen City: Martin Parr reveals the City's Secrets (BBC Culture, March 2016)

 Why are these Masterpieces at Risk? (BBC Culture, February 2016)

London calling: English-speaking Syrians see UK as multicultural haven
(AlJazeera, November 2015)

How the Thames was brought back from the dead 
(BBC Earth, November 2015)

The surprising secrets of busting art forgeries
(BBC Culture, October 2015)

Middle-class Syrian refugees start back at square one in Germany 
(AlJazeera, October 2015)

 The refugees housed at Dachau: 'Where else should I live?' (The Guardian, September 2015)

British grass-roots groups step up aid to refugees while government stalls (AlJazeera, September 2015)

The refugee mothers who risk it all to take their babies to safety (AlJazeera, September 2015)

"Germany is my mother and my father." Three Syrians who've made a new life in the West (The Independent, September 2015)

10,000 refugees reach Munich and are greeted with food, water and teddy bears (The Independent, September 2015)

A bat mitzvah at 90? Why it's never too late to come of age (The Guardian, July 2015)

The spies who loved me: 25 years after German reunification, East Germans who were children and teens in the Stasi system confront their parents' role  (The Guardian, July 2015)

 Newsnight (March 2014), BBC World (April 2014)

 How Germans have fallen back in love with Hitler (Daily Telegraph, March 2014)
(Note: I'm not a huge fan of the headline. More on that here.)

Art Theft: The Last Unsolved Nazi Crime (The Atlantic, Nov 2013)

Same-Same, but different: At last, a Booker Prize that reflects modern Britain (The Atlantic, Sept 2013)

Professor, You're Dividing My Nation (The Chronicle of Higher Education, June 2013)

A tug-of-war over Brecht, money and management (The Guardian, January 2013)

From Kafka With Fear (Daily Telegraph, Dec 2012)

The Book of Liz (Daily Telegraph, Dec 2012)

France joins race to digitize world's books (Reuters Paris, 2010)

In France's jails, a toxic mix of grime and despair (Reuters Paris, 2009)

French row over burqa ban unveils contradictions (Reuters Paris, 2009)

Angry French graduates wage battle for jobs (Reuters Paris, 2009)

Snapshot Beijng: Matthias Steiner (Reuters Beijing, 2008)

Beijing Olympics - Weightlifting - Grieving Steiner wins Gold (Reuters Beijing, 2008)

Japanese find sleep, shelter in cyber cafes (Reuters Tokyo, 2007)

Japan's childless turn to canines (Reuters Tokyo, 2007)

Taste of heaven: Manga spreads "Drops of God" in Asia (Reuters Tokyo, 2007)

What to do with a captured pirate? (Reuters Paris, 2009)

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