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  1. Hi Sophie, I was very glad to be at the Quaker History meeting yesterday- thank you for a very interesting reading and talk. I am enjoying the book as well. I have used the valuable library resource to find an individual account of a conscientious objector which I have set to music (with another, non-CO wartime account) in a piece that will receive its premiere at St James's, Piccadilly later this year. I am sorry I wasn't able to stay and meet you yesterday, but I wanted to make contact as my work draws out some similar themes to your own. I guess I'm particularly interested in the nuances and layers of complexity in both the positions of the characters in my piece, and you brought this out very clearly. Thanks again for the talk. Miriam Mackie (

  2. Thank you, Miriam! Do let me know the details of the premiere, I would love to come if possible. I'm glad you enjoyed the event - it was a real treat to have such an appreciative and interesting audience.