Thursday, 14 May 2015

Trauma & Fiction Event at Goldsmiths

Speaking about memory and loss in the divided Germany at Goldsmiths today, in the context of the publicly accessible (formerly top secret) Stasi files. How do historical documents come together to form a collective or private narrative? How much fiction is there in history, and how much history in fiction? Do novelists have a moral obligation to be historically accurate? Come and discuss!

Speaking of the Unspeakable:
Approaching War and Trauma through Fiction
2pm – 3.30pm
Thursday May 14th
144 Richard Hoggart Building, Goldsmiths
Chaired by Dr Rick Crownshaw
Sophie Hardach: The Stasi Files
~ Memory and loss in the divided Germany
Sonia Lambert: Tales of Internment
 ~ “Enemy Aliens” held by the British in 1940
Yoanna Pak: The Dragon King and the Emperor

~A short story set in the Pacific War

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