Monday, 10 June 2013

Graphic Lesbian Sex Is Not What Makes Blue Is the Warmest Colour Radical

This year's Palme d'Or winner is getting a lot of attention for its explicit sex scenes. But "Le bleu est une couleur chaude" the book it's based on, has a much more thought-provoking message... Read the full piece in the Atlantic's online edition.


I love the way author Julie Maroh captures the intensity and drama of adolescence, that powerful sense of "my life begins today". She's never patronising, never mocks her character's hopes and fears. It reminded me of the days when I felt like a single encounter, a single spontaneous party at an abandoned bus stop (yep, I know, provincial upbringing) could change absolutely everything:

"J'ai le coeur qui bat tres fort quand je pense a tout a l'heure... je sais pas ce qu'il va se passer... Mais j'ai l'intuition... qu'aujourd'hui est un jour important."

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