Thursday, 10 January 2013

Three Kurdish activists killed - update

An update on the horrific killings in Paris:
Apparently AFP mistakenly reported that the crime took place at the Kurdish institute. This was wrong: they took place at another Kurdish organisation in Paris. I'm relieved for the people at the institute, but the crime remains hideous and inexcusable.
This is the institute's statement on the case:

"Three Kurdish activists assassinated in Paris.

Three Kurdish activists were assassinated on Wednesday 9th January in Paris, on the premises of the Kurdish Information Centre, in circumstances that have yet to be clarified.
Amongst them are Sakine Cansiz, a well known PKK public figure who has spent many years in Turkish prisons.
This triple murder, which has taken place in the context of the beginning of a dialogue between the Turkish Government and the PKK leader, Abdullah Ocalan, to find a peaceful settlement of the Kurdish question, has plunged the Kurdish community into deep mourning.
Through an incredible and distressing lack of professionalism, the Agence France Press, in its first despatches, indicated that these assassinations took place on the premises of the Kurdish Institute.
This information was relayed by the radios and the non-stop news channels in France, but also in Turkey and other countries, arousing consternation amongst the Institute’s friends, hundreds of whom are calling us and sending us messages.
We have approached the AFP management that has apologized and corrected its mistake as of 8 am. We thank all our friends for their solidarity and call on the French authorities to make every effort to cast a light on this horrible massacre perpetrated in Paris and which has created a dangerous precedent as well as greatly worried the Kurdish community in France."

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