Saturday, 5 January 2013

Child booksellers of Mumbai

Good morning! Just read an interesting feature by Sonia Faleiro for the New York Times about the child booksellers of Mumbai:

Holding aloft his wares, he dashes toward a black BMW and in his cracking preteen voice addresses the woman inside: “ ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’?”
It made me think of the pirate vendors in Peru who inspired my short story for World Literature Today, Anyone Have Any Idea What Jesus Wrote Here?
The story is about an expat author in the Andean town of Huayhuash who spots a pirated copy of her book at an illegal vendor's stall. Her book is about the only scene in the Bible where Jesus writes something - but nowhere in the Bible does it say what he wrote. Worried that she'll report him to the police, the vendor outsmarts her by making one vital change to the book...
The story was published in WLT's print edition in November; you can order it here.

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