Thursday, 24 May 2012


Handed in the manuscript last week. Fly millstone fly!
In other news, I'm taking some time off writing to focus on snail-proofing my window garden.
I don't want to kill the snail but there seem to be few non-lethal methods. Am currently trying out slug tape. Any other suggestions?
This thing attacked my garden back in Tokyo. Size of a thumb. Just to show you what I've had to put up with in this life.
CaterZilla chilling out on my little orange tree

Oh, and I'm in the usual post-deadline baking mood. Profiteroles! Will publish the recipe in a separate post. It doesn't really go with snails.

Monster Killer Snails Attack North London

When Monster Killer Snails Attack II

It sends a tiny electrical current through the snail, just enough to discourage it.


  1. Somehow the thought came into my mind that a snail remedy is beer. Or my subconscious may have totally made that up.

  2. True! But they drown in the beer, so it's not exactly non-violent. For the record, the snail tape didn't work at all. They slid right over it and had to be picked up one by one and carried outside.