Friday, 30 July 2010

Pork belly

I'm off to Georgia (Caucasus) for a couple of weeks, but before I enter yet another phase of dodgy Internet connections I thought I'd share my latest findings:

1. You can now pre-order my book on Amazon!
(Though I can understand if you'd rather not. It's a bare-bones entry without any cover or blurb, and even if you order now you'll still have to wait until the official release next April.)

2. Speaking of cover design: if you want to recreate the effect of slashed human flesh, use pork belly for best results.

I learned this interesting fact last week, when I had my picture taken for the back flap of my book. Johnny, the friendly photographer at Simon&Schuster, shoots crime fiction covers as well as author photos and shared some of his tricks for producing exactly the right kind of gore. He works with a summary of the novel and the killer's signature move (eg, carving initials into people's bodies) and creates the props to match.
After many visits to the local butcher (picture the scene - "Excuse me sir, which meat most resembles human flesh?"), Johnny decided that pork belly was best.
Without the bristles, of course.

Here's an example.

In case all this is making you wonder about the cover of my book - don't worry, it will have an illustrated cover. Swirly waves, apparently.

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