Monday, 28 June 2010

The Politics of Soup

Summer has finally arrived in Paris! It's too hot to blog, so I'm just going to post a quick recipe for the wonderfully refreshing cucumber-yoghurt soup we had in Diyarbakir. I made it on Sunday for a picnic dinner in the park (following Sunday morning brunch in the park - hey, it's summer). It worked well as a simple, cooling starter.

A note on the politics of soup: our Kurdish friends in Diyarbakir called the dish "Kurdish cucumber-yoghurt soup", and something tells me that further west it's probably known as "Turkish cucumber-yoghurt soup". The Greeks, I guess, would put it down as a Tzaziki rip-off with less garlic and more water.


- Fresh cucumber, grated (I don't have a grater so I used finely chopped fresh cucumber, which is probably wrong)
- Full-fat creamy yoghurt, thinned down with water until creamy-soupy
- Chopped fresh mint
- Chopped fresh dill
- Salt & pepper
- According to some blogs, you can add garlic and a little olive oil if you feel like it. The version I had in Diyarbakir didn't have garlic in it so I stuck with that approach.

- Mix all the ingredients, pour into little bowls, add ice cubes for that authentic Diyarbakir feeling.


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